Roy Hill

Opus has been on board Australia's largest single iron ore mine since day one.

Roy Hill, a world class mining operation in Western Australia's Pilbara region, is forecast to last more than 17 years, so we helped bring to life a 344km single track, heavy haul railway needed to transport over 160,000 tonnes of iron ore daily from the Roy Hill Mine to Port Hedland. 

Since 2011 our teams have been providing major technical and economic input to the due diligence studies including evaluations of geotechnical data, hydrology, earthworks, bridges, signalling, and training and safety. We also have teams monitoring and reporting progress on construction, finances, risks, operations and technical issues during construction works and operations start up.

For this project we implemented state of the art technology, which will prepare the rail system for autonomous train operations in the future. This includes train control, iron ore loading and unloading, and trackside monitoring. The use of loco performance systems, which are controlled from a Remote Operations Centre in Perth, help integrate the railway with mine and port operations.

Our team will continue to be an integral part of the Roy Hill operation until 2018 and our success means we are now being invited to perform similar roles on other mining projects that are in early stages of development.

The multi-billion dollar operation has been the target of numerous awards. In 2016, Opus was part of the Roy Hill team that received the Railway Technical Society of Australasia's premier award for the best railway project in Australasia.