We are at the leading edge of environmental services

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Our extensive skill-base and emphasis on collaboration delivers truly integrated environmental projects that work in reality – as well as on paper.

What sets us apart is the depth of experience and diversity in our environmental team. We have a unique ability to quickly and efficiently pull together in-house local knowledge, global best practice, and the right expertise – from ecologists, archaeologists, policy analysts, landscape architects, environmental scientists and planners, to urban designers, land surveyors, recreation specialists, consultation experts, rural and cultural advisors.

Our environmental capability and experience covers:

We specialise in environmental planning and natural asset management, and our environmental work has two main focus areas: planning, engagement and policy; and specialist environmental services.

We can assist with or lead projects from the outset, from the early conceptual and planning stages through to guiding the project through to fruition, usually providing all the necessary services along the way.

Our clients appreciate our dedication to a seamless interface between specialists, ensuring innovation from the outset, coordinated project management, and a simple single point of contact. Our innovative and award winning planning teams produce exciting and visionary solutions that respond to local needs and aspirations, and robust policy that can be relied on to achieve specific environmental outcomes.

Our environmental services are as diverse as the environments we work within, and include archaeology and heritage, landscape architecture, ecology, rural, dairy, land and water.

We have extensive experience working within and advising on consenting and compliance, monitoring, and on new policy direction under resource management legislation. And our local presence in the countries within which we operate means we can truly claim to understand the local issues.